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Image of logo for www.thebestkavausa.com The USA online market for kava is the biggest in the world.

It makes sense, given that the USA also has a kava industry that is more mature than in any other country. There are more kava bars to be found across the American continent than anywhere else. Couple that with an ever-expanding kava products range that is second to none, it can only keep growing.


Having lived in Vanuatu for 11 years, during which time I was a frequent visitor to the many nakamals there (‘meeting house’), I can personally attest to the high quality of Vanuatu’s kava. After all, the country is considered to have the broadest range of kavas that are ‘heady’. That is, they will give you a nice euphoric ‘buzz’ that helps with anxiety, stress and insomnia situations. So it is that it’s not hard to understand why many kava enthusiasts say that the best vanuatu kava is the world’s best kava.

On the other hand, Fiji Kava has always been highly regarded, especially by those who look for a ‘heavy’ kava strain (muscle relaxant). The upshot is that the best fiji kava is undoubtedly on a par with any other country’s kava powder.

Anyway, many years have been devoted to researching (including tasting) the many varieties available in the kava marketplace.

Therefore, those products that we have chosen to be featured on this site we consider to be the best Vanuatu Kava and Fiji Kava products available online. Nothing but the best kava for YOU, our customer!

Also as a matter of importance, we have applied due diligence to the kava vendors selected as well. Our selection is based on

🔴 Their reputation for service to their customers

🤍 The quality of their product (is their kava certified and been subjected to rigorous testing for kavalactone content and microbiological issues)

🔵 Location for supply to customers.

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Meantime, if you are in Australia and would like to see which of the best kava from either Fiji or Vanuatu is available now, please feel welcome to visit us at The Best Kava.

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